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Specialist thermal imaging services in Tamworth

Tamworth’s electrical contractors

When it comes to efficient and reliable electrical services, you need a team that you can trust and that sounds like a job for Tamworth’s leading electrical contractors. With a full 24-hour emergency service and the benefits of the very latest thermal imaging technology, you would have to go a long way to find a better services.

With 33 years of experience to draw on, you can rely on our dedicated team of electricians to resolve all of your electrical monitoring and repair issues any time of the day or night. From industrial and commercial to private residences, we can take care of a diverse range of electrical installations including solar power installation, underground electrical work, and appliance repairs, all at highly competitive prices.

A highly skilled team

When you are dealing with thermal imaging and complex electrical work, you are going to want the peace of mind that only comes with working with a trustworthy and experienced team. We have three level 2 qualified and one level 1 thermographer on our team of five skilled electricians. Brock is a certified Level 1 Thermographer and also a qualified electrician. Our Level 1 Certification was issued through Melbourne University and FLIR, Infrared Training, Sweden.

We are also Essential Energy authorised contractors with the capability to do over and underground work, as well as commission solar systems.

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Thermal imaging and you

Thermal imaging analyses thermal information in real time without contacting any devices using an infrared camera.  After Thermo-graphic Imaging is completed, a full report is compiled and issued.

Services include

  • Conditioning Monitoring - electrical, mechanical, buildings, furnaces & boilers, tanks and vessels, fluid flow problems
  • Medical and Veterinary
  • Quality control and process monitoring
  • Non-destructive testing

Because many mechanical and electrical faults are either caused by or in effect actually produce a change in temperature, they can be identified via thermal imaging technology. By utilising thermal imaging scanning to detect any anomalies, our skilled technicians are able to identify potential issues and prevent equipment failures that could even lead to costly shutdowns.

The use of regularly scheduled scans that are essential to constructing detailed condition histories should be implemented by any business that is serious about the benefits of preventative maintenance.

Our expert team can provide a whole range of cost effective services that will improve both efficiency and safety. We are the thermal imaging and electrical contracting specialist for the Tamworth area and we take safety very seriously indeed.

Contact the team that you can trust with all of your electrical issues today on 02 6762 4332 .

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